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NTO™ Scent Spinner 2.0 Trout (SCENT)
  • NTO™ Scent Spinner 2.0 Trout (SCENT)

    This is the Trout sized NTO™ Scent Spinner 2.0.  With a new shape it maximizes the scent you can inject into it.  Two holes at the top and 4 at the bottom.  Two seperate chambers so you can mix and match two different scents.  It also maximizes the spin with its unique wing design.  This product was designed and is 3D printed right here in the USA! 



    The difference between the Bait version and the Scent version is that the bait has openings to put the bait in.  The scent version just has two holes for using a needle to fill the chamber with scent. For best results use scents in gell form. 

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