Bling Pack!
  • Bling Pack!

    Northern Tribe Outdoors is partnering with HyperVis tape to bring you the ability to customize your fishing lures especially the NTO Scent Spinners!  Time to add the BLING!  With this Bling Pack you get 10 - 3/8" disks of each color (15) that HyperVis tape makes.  That could let you customize over 200 lures!  Add contrast, glow, sparkle and color to the already hot Scent Spinner and you now have something that no one else on the lake is using!  Supplys are limited!


    Colors included in the pack (10 3/8" circles of each one)

    UV Green

    UV Orange

    UV Kokanee Pink

    UV Hot Pink

    Green Sparkle

    Silver Sparkle

    Blue Sparkle

    Chartreuse Sparkle

    Gold Sparkle


    Salmon Pink

    Solar Flare






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