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Northern Tribe Outdoors!

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The NTO Scent Spinner Classic has been and will continue to be a great lure, but the design team here at NTO is not done creating great new and unique lures.  In 2.0 we changed the shape to maximize the volume of scent or bait you can use and man does it spin!  In addition,  there are two unique chambers that allow you to mix and match scent, or baits!  2X the attraction power!  We are also adding a new size for HALIBUT! 

NTO Scent Spinner"Classic"

There are two elements that fish key in on.  One is action and the other is scent.  In this lure we have combined the two.  With the scent spinner has two great ways you can add scent.  You can stuff it full of your favorite bait.  For us that is Shoepeg corn for kokanee.  Not only do you get the scent from the bait on the hook but now you have a whole lure full of it.  You can also use your favorite bait from a jar or combine baits with your secret combination.   Most liquid scents last a long time just squirted right into the lure, but some use a chunk of sponge and load that up and put it into the lure.  (Sponge not included)  Bait that is in the form of a gell often work best.

The second element is action.  Designed by an engineer our wings spin even when the lure is loaded up with bait.  Combine it with a flasher and  you get a pulsing spinning action.  Fish it by itself and you get a  spin that the fish just want to attack! 

Comes in three different sizes.  Kokanee, Trout, and Salmon.  


​Comes in three different colors.  Black, White and Glow.  Be sure and select your color when you order!


We are excited to introduce new color option of Glow-in-the-dark Scent Spinners.   Great for night fishing or fishing deep where color quickly becomes irrelevant.   We have been really impressed with the brightness and how long it lasts.  Especially effective when combined with a UV flashlight to charge it!   We have also added black and pink!                                       


NTO Wigeon Whistle


 Using elements from old historical calls from the 1930's - 40's we have been able to capture the sound and versatility and update it in materials and a few innovations of our own. We used this whistle exclusively this last duck hunting season. Check out the call in action on our Youtube page!   Hit the shop button to order yours!


Northern Tribe Outdoors is a the work of a clan of Hendersons who live hunt and fish in Washington State.  We have developed a couple of products that are unique to us and wanted to offer them to others to enjoy.  We love hunting for ducks, deer, and elk and sharing our adventures on Youtube.  

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Feel free to shoot me an email and I will respond ASAP.  Send me pictures of the fish you catch and I will include them on my site!  Inquiries for large orders or to carry this product in your store are welcome.

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